The Fuzztones Tribute Album
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This Sinister Urge


The Sparkling Bombs have been playing rockân'roll influenced by early Manic Street Preachers as well as the New York Dolls and the Sex Pistols since year 2001. They released their first and introductory 5 song CD From Bubblegum Fun To Glittered Depression (United Musics Company distribution) in summer 2002 and got positive feedback and reviews from all around the world. These glamorous Bombs are keeping the trashy sexy romantic glam rock flame alive and already shared stages with bands as various as Nashville Pussy, Satanic Surfers, Cowboys From Outer Space, American Heartbreak, Groovie Ghoulies, Trashcan Darlings, etc. In 2003, the Sparkling Bombs went on the road with the immortal Lords Of The New Church for the French leg of their reunion tour. The first full-length CD of the band untitled Dead Dreams From The Silver Gutter (Musicast distribution) was officially released in september 2004 and is already described in the worldwide media as a celebration of glitter mixing dark glam rock to catchy pop tunes with punk rockân'roll guitars. The 70s and the 80s are over but the world sure needs another flamboyant rock revolution.

Action Speaks Louder Than Words


"We practically discovered the weird world of garage rock with the 'Tones. When we were teenagers, living in Brazil, we just get some cassettes full of 60s and 80s garage rock tracks, compiled by some nightclub DJs, and I remember getting absolutely crazy with songs by Music Machine, The Sparkles, The Creeps and, specially, a strange tune with mysterious background voices and a incessant keyboard. Some time later, I finally discovered that that song was "Ward 81", and get some Fuzztones albums. It really had a massive influence to us to form the FuzzFaces. We got fascinated with the 'Tones imagery - the clothes, instruments, the hairs, the boots - and the sinister and mysterious songs. Long live to Rudi and the Fuzztones!"

- Gregor Izidro

Cellar Dwellar


Wild and young 6ts garage surf trash maniacs. 2002 six freaks came together and transmuted to a 30.000 pounds hot rod eating, surfin, howlin and growlin, intolerant garage trash monster! In tailor made suits, wincklepickers & chelsea boots on their feet, with fabulous amazon hula chicks on the stage and the original Jack the Ripper 6 inch knife, they will make you twist and shout, doin the Hully Gully, the Weird Watusi, the Jaguar, the Wobble, the Mashed Potato, the Bopin Monkey, the Skate, and the Crazy Alligator, too!!! Allright, you nerds and finks, prepare for an onslaught of primitive beats, chainsaw guitars, and eerie Farfisa sound! It's raw! It's frantic! It's the Staggers!

Get Naked


CISVO- Lead Vocal, Guitar
TONY- Lead Guitar

Idol Chatter


Mad Juana's sound is their own distinct hash. A blend rich with swamp blues, dub, reggae, and a dash of mariachi /flamenco- all simmered on a succulent backbone of rock that's often compared to The Stooges and The Velvet Underground. Forever captivating, the soulful chanteuse Karmen Guy seduces you into another world by way of her voodoo priestess charm, saturating a mesmerizing voice and creating exactly what you'd expect: a mix of mud & blood. The atmosphere at their live show is intoxicating and spiritually moving, with a hint of something deadly. The masterful musicians responsible for this downtown bohemian vibe include Sami Yaffa (acoustic guitar), Amalia Daskalakis (electric viola), Danny Ray (tenor saxophone), Jimmy Vespa (trumpet), Tony Mann (congas & percussion), and Karmen Guy (vox, melodica & other percussion).

"Mad Juana, we're only in it for the money.....and Rudi's great round ass..... "

Love, Sami

Hallucination Generation


The Preachers born in the late 2001 in order to spread the Word of the Garage Rock culture.Theyâre still preaching across Italy the lesson of bands like Love, Sonics, Seeds, Music Machine, 13th Floor Elevators. But the Preachers also wrote many songs and very soon itâll be out a brand new album for Teen Sound records.The Fuzztones are a point of reference for The Preachers,as the love for horror and mysterious atmospheres . Preacherâs show is very theatrical and hypnotic,so shake your bones with The Preachers!

"I was little more than a child when I found in a record shop of my town a strange LP: it was a picture disc: a haunted house on the frontcover and sexy pinups dancin'like witches...the LP was orange, like a pumpkin!!! WhenI went home and listened to it I literally fell in love with this band. "Monster a go go" changed my life and my way of makin'music! Almost ten years after I decided to create my band and so The Preachers were born. When Rudi told me he was goin' to put out a tribute album we ran to our studio with our Phantom guitars and recorded these primitive versions of "Brand New Man" and "Hallucination Generation"... Fuzztones taught us how to play garage rock and we would have to show them our gratitude: so we did it! And we did it at our psychedelic velocity!"

- Fyl Vitale

Brand New Man


THE INTERCONTINENTAL PLAYBOYS began in 1998, debuting at a private party at the Hollywood Hotel, Sydney. Unslowly, and unsurely, and with a head of fuzz and bump n grinding steam, word rapidly spread about these wild yet suave newcomers with an unlikely but voodooly sexy rock n roll manifesto. THE INTERCONTINENTAL PLAYBOYS are not at all from a penthouse suite (as their name suggests to some)? their inimitable sound emanates from a shadowy yet strangely inviting trapdoor within a garage that THE INTERCONTINENTAL PLAYBOYSâ earthly host (Sydney, Australia) can barely comprehend. In 2004, THE INTERCONTINENTAL PLAYBOYS remains as not-easily-pigeon-holable as they were at the outset. This is garage rock n roll that will leave you, and those with whom you are most intimate, breathless.


(1) "Brand New Man" was one of the first songs learned by the Intercontinental Playboys when they formed in 1998. (Re-learning for Playboys Ben, Tom & Harry, who first played it in 1989's The Slurpees.)
(2) One of "Brand New Man", "Bad News" or "Action" usually features in most Intercontinental Playboys' sets.
(3) Tom (vox) first picked up "Lysergic Emanations" in 1984 at the 7HT Record Bar, in Hobart, Tasmania. This greatly assisted his fuzzification through his bands The Deaf Lepers (Hobart), The Real Gone Lovers (Canberra), The Slurpees (Canberra), Mudrac (Canberra) and now The Intercontinental Playboys (Sydney).
(4) Tom was lucky enough to see and meet the Fuzztones while holidaying in Greece in 1988. He sent Rudi a copy of a Real Gone Lovers' version of Bad News Travels Fast after this meeting... which may be included on this tribute. Bad News Travels Fast was the set-opener for The Real Gone Lovers throughout 1987.

Charlotte's Remains



I was waiting for a ferry boat, in Bs As (Argentina), January Â91. I will go on a tour to Punta del Este (Uruguay) with a band called Amor Indio, then the singer of the band passed me his walkman, and said to me: "hear this band...", "that band" was THE FUZZTONES; and then, early in that morning , I was incredibly amazed, that record was "Lysergic Emanations", and then was when I became a FAN.


I bought every record from THE FUZZTONES that could I find (in vinyl) in Argentina (!). I was (I am) a 60Âs music fan, but I didnÂt know that, at those times (80Âs and early 90Âs) there were bands, at that moment, who played that style. But THE FUZZTONES put something else, something different in their music, a blend of sounds that made them different from the rest of the scene...I thought then (and I think right now) that they are the number one.


Many years after, I recieved a flyer who announced that RUDI PROTRUDI (Yes RUDI PROTRUDI), will play in Buenos Aires in November 2001 (I couldnÂt believe that), and then I was amazed again, that could be true?... So, 4 days before the show ( I didnÂt get my ticket yet), a friend of mine called me, left a message on the answer machine who said " Hi!, IÂm Marcelito, Rudi needs a second guitar, and I think Âbout you..."


Then, I changed all the strings from my guitar, I learned 20 (twenty!!!) songs , in one night, and then I was in a rehearsal room, with... RUDI, I CoudnÂt believe that, he was teaching the band "Orbit", and in a few minutes I was joining them, and after two or three "Link ProtrudiÂs" instrumentals we started to play "Ward 81"...again amazed


We play an incredible show in Buenos Aires, a wonderful and powerful night...that show gave me a lot of answers... I was Amazed again, and again, and again...


searching for THE FUZZTONES on the net, I found on that there were a Tribute, so I though to myself "why not an acoustic version of "CharlotteÂs RemainÂs, an intimate version in my room, in my acoustic style?", so, I recorded it on my computer and send to RUDI and started to writing this... - GONDOLIERI

The Thing


The Special Agents are an instrumental act from Sheffield, England. As well as appearing on the soundtrack to comedy/spy flick "Wilson Chance" they have released a series of cult EPs: "Her Majesty's Secret Surfers", "Soul Agent" and "Double-0-Surfin'". Their debut LP "Bulletproof Beat" is scheduled for release on the Hammondbeat label in January 2006.

"I was lucky enough to see the Fuzztones play at London's famous Marquee club back in the Summer of 1985. At a time when the post-punk music scene was rapidly becoming dull and earnest and self-important the Fuzztones provided a much-needed injection of pure adrenaline back into its rock 'n' roll heart. I loved their vintage Vox gear, their lysergic organ sound, their Johnny Ramone haircuts and their Pebbles/Nuggets garage rock stylings. I gotta get some!"

- Agent Geoff

It Came In The Mail



- For girls. For cars. For cigarettes and beer and fuzzed out rock'n'roll...
Having heard their share of 60âs next-door-garage-hero records, they have made it a mission in life to take that mixture of innocense and irreverence into the 21st century.

With four acclaimed party kick-starting albums already under their belts and half a decadeâs worth of successful touring from arctic Northern Norway to sunny Italy and from Dallas to NYC on their CVâs, The Defectors are in better shape than ever.

The latest studio album, Turn Me On, is the bandâs first release for acclaimed rockânâroll label Bad Afro Records, former or present home of other scandinavian rock greats like Baby Woodrose, The Maggots and The Flaming Sideburns. 2004 will see the band supporting the new album at live concerts in Denmark and abroad.

Black Box


The narrow-minded first impression of yet another 60's recreation stands untrue in the case of these five entertainers striving to impress their audiences and not to promote the paisley, day-glo image of the '60's. The fab five originated in San Diego and migrated to San Francisco in the mid-80's, becoming the fastest growing band that town had seen in awhile. When asked back then about their image, guitarist Jordan Tarlow commented,"We're not trying to promote the 60's fashion and hope it's not promoting us. We like those clothes, so we wear them. We're kind of the darker side of psychedelic rock. Nothing evil, just rock." "Tar" Tarlow referred to Zeppelin, Iggy Pop, the Stones, and various garage bands as their influences. It's important to note that this version of "Black Box," which is probably best known as a Fuzztones song, is in fact the original version, recorded a few years before it appeared on The Fuzztones "In Heat" LP. Co-written by Tarlow, before he joined The Fuzztones in 1987. Singer Leighton Kozuimi recently assembled a new version of the Morlocks in Los Angeles.

"After I recorded their 1st Album in San Diego the band moved to San Francisco. I joined them there and a week later wrote the music for Black Box on my Vox Teardrop bass in an unheated flat on Haight St. Sold the bass to Jeff Lucas the bass player. Still have a fantastic demo of the song that Leighton, Jeff, Mark and I did at a friends apartment. The song was a natural for the Fuzztones and the organ which the Morlocks of course didn't have."

- Jordan Tarlow

Heathen Set


The She Wolves play. The She Wolves growl. The She Wolves pounce. Both pity the fool who stumbles in to their lair of sonic sounds, because they will never be the same, and count them lucky because they will have heard a pure heart-humping metal machine. The She Wolves are a three-sided metal attack that tears the ear as a single entity Each member of this power metal trio has more of a history than your average band.Guitarist and vocalist Donna She Wolf is right out front with pure crunch. Look back in her past and you will see the incremental birth of an inked goddess, her playing so intense she sounds like she has more hands than Kali. From her roots as a vocalist in the ââ˜80s hair rock band, Cycle Sluts From Hell, she showed a nascent attitude problem by going by the moniker, Honey 1%er, a reflection of motorcycle gang mentality of being the one percent of the population that lives outside the social acceptable norms. While with the Sluts, she wrote a song that has become a classic in 80's rock canon, "I Wish You Were a Beer". The band toured with the likes of Motorhead (Lemmy was impressed enough with the Sluts to mention them in his autobiography). Time passed, her vocals becoming more like barb wire wrapped around a whisky bottle, and she formed the She Wolves, which started its life as a punk metal band, but became so much more. But Donna wanted more, she wanted... Bassist Gyda Gash has a musical rap sheet that a mile long. All one has to do is look at her commentary through the seminal look at the 70's punk scene, "Please Kill Me" describing her role as a key figure in the first wave of punk. In her own words, she is a tough bitch. While kicking some bad habits, she took out her fury by pounding on a bass. What followed was a number of bands like the TomBoys, Maria Ex-Communicata, and Angel Rot (with White Zombie member Tom Five). Each band was harder than the last, trying to keep up with Gyda's power chords while she worked out her rage through the amp. When she joined Donna in the She Wolves, Gyda found a partner in crime, a kindred metal spirit, and someone who could match the alpha female spirit lick by lick. Their songwriting is something to be feared, like a caged wild animal that has razor-sharp talons. To further power the rhythm mix, there is... Drummer Tony Wolfmann, who shares a history with both of these musical hellions. Tony was behind Gyda in Angel Rot, and has been an original member of the She Wolves from its origin. But Tony's history is as wild and wooly as his usually dyed mane. He has backed the likes of G.G. and Dee Dee (Allin and Ramone, respectively, as if you didn't know). Then there is the countless bands he has backed as a studio musician. Now they have a brand new spanking CD out called "13 Deadly Sins" produced by the legendary Paul Ena Kostabi. Luscious song titles include "Ghost Boyfriend" "I Kill With My C*nt", "Kill Something,", "Chainsaw", "Desire" and "Viscious Tit".The She Wolves prove that three musicians from varied pasts can gain a synergy that will not only blow your socks off, but also rip your brain stem out with high energy metal. -Robert Barry Francos/FFanzeen

Special Guest: DEB O'NAIR on combo organ.

Cheyenne Rider


Frankly, thereâs little need to introduce The Paranoaics. Thereâs simply no other contemporary band that has left its mark so prominently on the Belgian rock scene for the last two decades than this kick ass rockinâ gang. Sure, thereâs happened quite a lot since the band, that was founded and is still fronted by Hans Stevens and his even more infamous brother Rafke, played its first ever gig in 1985. After they blew everybody away at the local clubs with their powerful collision of punk, garage and rock ânâ roll (think everything thatâs good in rock, from Ramones, Iggy & The Stooges over MC5 and Motörhead to sixties garage rock), The Paranoiacs soon headed out to the bigger venues and eventually even drifted abroad. By the time they released their first mini-LP Weâre the Teenage Lovers in 1987, these guys had already established themselves as the true kings of rock ânâ roll in the sonic wasteland that we now refer to as the eighties. What Mötley Crüe did to the LA rockscene, The Paranoiacs did for Belgian rock. Except these guys could truly rock and didnât have to dress like old tarts. Period. It was after another highly acclaimed mini-LP (Sometimes Teenage Is Spelt T.N.T.) and an even more successful European tour that The Paranoiacs finally truly exploded on the international rock scene with their eponymous first full album Bananas. By then they had already been invited to join the biggest German punkrock band ever Die Toten Hosen on a glorious tour and soon they were to be found on the bill of Europeâs biggest rock festivals, including Pukkelpop â90 where The Paranoiacs co-starred next to legendary bands as Faith No More, Nick Cave and The Cramps. After their second killer album Thirteen, which was produced by Roli Mossiman of Young Gods and Swans fame and mastered in New York by Howie Weinberg (The Clash, Nirvana, Metallica, Ramones), the band continued to record and tour. Meanwhile Rafke had become Belgiumâs first ever rock star as such with multiple appearances in TV and radio shows. EP Back from nowhere ironically marked their âcomebackâ in 1998 with the title track booming in the alternative music charts and getting huge airplay on the biggest radio stations. No wonder only a year later their third full-cd 7-day Weekend put The Paranoiacs back where they belong: on top of the rock scene. One could say the party has since lasted and will most probably never stop. Mind you, the band still acted up to their reputation and kept on serving surprises. For instance, the last decade saw The Paranoiacs play Belgiumâs biggest rock venue, Forrest National alongside a symphonic orchestra without losing one Volt of their heart-crushing rock ânâ roll power. Eat your heart out, Metallica. On top of that the band recorded the six track mini-album Mini Countryhead: Paranoiacs Go Country, contributed a mind bending cover version of Carbona Not Glue for Ramones tribute album 1234, made the sun rise early in Japan by waking up their east ern fans with two songs (including their celebrated version of Johnny Cashâs (Ghost)Rider in the Sky) on Punk it! Vol 1 & 2 . The Paranoiacs have paid their dues the last two decades and did we mention that this tireless lot is alre ady working on an extension for their seven day weeken d, i.e. a brand new full album which is sched uled to hit the stores in 2006?

She's Wicked


The Misteriosos play raw psychedelic rock, with other strange influences, but their love of all things lo-fi and an obsession with fuzz and tremelo remains consistent. The passion for their sound comes through in their songs, which can verge from in-your-face fuzzed-out psych-rock to trance-indusing, narcotic numbers.
The band's first show was as finalists in The 2004 Little Steven Contest, and they havenât looked back since. (Who is Little Steven? Find out here.) The Misteriosos have played with bands such as The Blue Van, Soft Explosions, New Planet Trampoline, The Forty-Fives, and Les Breastfeeders. They perform regulary in New York, at venues such as Arlene's Grocery and Trash Bar. Their music is played on WFMU shows "Three Chord Monty" and "Teenage Wasteland," as well as on Boston college radio WFMO and several other college, national, and international stations.
The Misteriosos unleashed their their self-titled full length debut in October 2005, a follow-up to their 6 song EP, "West of Nowhere."

"The Fuzztones for me have always transcended easy definition. They are both straightforward good time party music, and eclectic head music to warp your senses. When I first heard Lysergic Emanations in the late 80's, everything changed. What I appreciated in music changed, and also what I craved sonically was altered forever. Only a few other bands have ever had such an effect on me. The Fuzztones are truly timeless."

- JellyRoll Joel

"I have to say the closest I've felt to The Fuzztones was when our band attended Rudi's birthday bash in California and eight of us crammed into his suave white '68 Mercury Cougar and then just sat there..umm..thinking. JellyRoll seems to think that Rudi's middle name "Action" doesn't only stand for "gotta get some" but really stands for "lights, camera..." because every show Rudi attends, he films. His video collection must be awesome."

- Tula Storm

What You Don't Know


NICO drums, vocals
PIEF vocals, guitar
MIKE bass
SANDER guitar

Bad News Travels Fast


THE SEXTRESS was formed in 1986 from an idea that five guys wanted to have some fun making music. The band has always gotten its inspiration from GARAGE type music with typically psychedelic tones and sounds. We played songs by legendary bands of this genre and especially truly legendary groups such as FUZZTONES, LYRES, CREEPS and many others. After a lot of rehearsing we started playing in the local PUBS, sparking some interest in this genre. In the meantime, thanks to our "musical" maturity, which was gradually growing, we also started playing songs from other genres and rearranging them in our own EXPLOSIVE style. We started performing quite frequently both in bars and in many local musical festivals. We were also asked to play backup for more famous bands, such as SKIANTOS and the FLESHTONES. The band has had numerous formations but nonetheless we have always managed to go ahead with our musical "project" and are now considered to be a "rarity" in Friuli with this genre (and proud of it!!). We recorded a demo in a studio and are currently working on a CD containing our own garage songs. We have been playing for almost 20 years now; yes, there have been many gigs but our riveting way of performing and our great desire to play make this band gush forth pure energy each time we play. And to top it all off an incredible contact with a person, who for us is truly significant: RUDI PROTRUDI, fabulous singer of the legendary but still contemporary FUZZTONES. What they are proposing is for us to record some of their songs and include them on a Fuzztones Tribute Album, which they themselves are about to produce. A dream come true.

Johnson In A Headlock


Philty Phil - Guitar, Drums, Vocals
Tom Howard - Bass
Monika Wilkman - Backing Vocals

Skeleton Farm


The MARSHMALLOW OVERCOAT first blasted onto the garage scene in the early â80s via a single on Dionysus Records and continued to release a slew of garage and psych albums worldwide, hit the college airwaves, and toured the globe through the â90s. The bandâs notoriously sweaty stage show has collected faithful fans from far corners of the world. Now they finally have a two-disc âbest ofâ set, collecting 26 aural slices documenting their recordings from 1986-2005 on an audio CD and all their videos on a separate DVD. The band has included seven new tracks to show that their love of Rickenbacker guitars, fuzz boxes and Vox organs hasnât diminished with time. The enhanced audio disc also includes dozens of band photos, newspaper articles, album covers and historical liner notes.

"We've been Fuzztones fans since day one, but I especially remember about 1990 while we were on tour, visiting the Fuzztones on the set of the music video they were shooting in Hollywood for "Nine Months Later." They were doing their RCA album at the time, and I kept thinking, "Either major labels are getting more hip, or they have no idea how wild the Fuzztones really are!" The label had no idea -- but I did! We are honored to be included on this "tribute" to one of the most genuine rock bands of all time: The Fuzztones!"

- Tim Gassen

Highway 69


The wild psychedelic sixties Garagepunk quartet from the Nether(beat)lands

Sonic Litter (a fusion in spirit of The Sonics and The Litter) developed as a concept in the late 80's but formed 30 years after the rumble of '66. Inspired by outfits like The Fuzztones and The Nomads. The idea of continuing the mindset of 1966, the very year of US Garagepunk, is still relevant today. Judging by the enthusiastic crowd reactions the band usually gets at their gigs, the formula is still working too. Authenticity returns in both the band's raw sound and their distinctive R&R image. They are also not afraid to update things slightly. For instance influences like British punk, but also later rock sounds, are quite apparent in their music. The band's finest hour thus far has been the release of their self financed 10" "Hallucination Generation" (on the The Hague Motorwolf label ) which was very well received within Garagepunk circles.

Ward 81


Psychedelia was a dirty word for many musicians and fans as the aftershock of punk rock settled in the early '80s. It took vision and not a little courage in 1980 for Glenn Rehse, John Frankovic, and Victor Demechei to form Plasticland - a group whose stated mission was to recover that lost figment of pop culture. Aside from Robyn Hitchcock's Soft Boys, contemporary role models were scarce. Plasticland stood out from their sullen punk contemporaries like a multi-colored paisley against a regiment in black. They chose to be different than everybody else and they were good at what they chose to do.

Maybe it was inevitable that Glenn Rehse and John Frankovic, the group's primary songwriters, would aspire to create music from the base of 60's Psychedelia. Broad as they tastes were, Rehse and Frankovic were especially fascinated by the sound and look of Carnaby era England, that fast-pace but fertile phase (circa 1966-67) separating mods from hippies. Their previous group Arousing Polaris (also with drummer Victor Demechei) was inspired by radical German electronic bands from the '70s, but Rehse and Frankovic recognized this as another manifestation of the psychedelic spirit. As Rehse sat down in the early months of '80 to blueprint Plasticland, he carefully studied his treasure of British fanzines from the mid-'60s with their exotically garbed musicians, and scrutinized his collection of Pretty Things, Creation, and Syd Barrett albums. The clothes could still be scrounged from Milwaukee thrift stores. The music resulted from three lifetimes of influences.

Me Tarzan, You Jane


1. Wayne County with Queen Elizabeth, was the first rock and roll band to play CBGB*s, NOT Television! I beat them by four whole months! This is documented in the Patti Smith book. They always get the credit and it pisses me off! 2. Wayne County was the first and original Rock and Roll Drag Queen, performing as early as 1967!!! First show in NYC in 1968! Years before The NY Dolls or Jobriath.
3. Jayne County is the first and original Transgender Rock and Roller. This was recently noted in Rolling Stone. She has performed her raunchy rock and roll show all over the world, and is still going strong!
4. Wayne County's song, *Queenage Baby* was the prototype for Bowie*s *Rebel Rebel*. The song was on the original Mainman demos given to Bowie in London.
5. Mojo magazine called "The Best Of Jayne County" one of the best *Punk* CDs of all time. *Fuck Off* was voted one of the best *Punk* singles of all time.
6. John Cameron Mitchell admitted in Interview magazine that Jayne County was a major infulence for the play and movie, "Man Enough To Be A Woman". Jayne never got the due credit as the production company was afraid of being sued. How many blonde Glam/Punk/ Transgender Rock and Roll performers from the 70*s can you name??????
7. Jayne is currently touring the world again, and recording two new cds. Santurary are releasing a new Jayne County comp which will also contain up to date material.
8. Jayne County learned how to play harmonica by listening to Brian Jones on early Stones records and The Yardbirds, as well as early black blues greats.
9. Jayne got her notariety by playing Max's Kansas City, The Mercer Arts Centre, and later the Club 82 in NYC in the early 70*s.
10. She was dubbed *The Lenny Bruce of Rock* by Gloria Stavers of *16 Magazine!!!* ( He He, that is a good one.!)
11. Jayne is a real, and true Rock and Roller. She grew up in the South and was exposed to early Rock and Roll first hand. She has a Rock and Roll heart and believes that Rock and Roll will never die.

I Never Knew


The Frantic V were formed in early summer 1994. The boys then decided it was time for Thessalonica to see some real garage raunch, so they went off for summer vacation. As soon as they returned, they immediately became active and started performing their music in front of stunned crowds, sometimes endangering their lives. Imagine in the Curt Cobain and techno era, 5 guys in white shirts and black ties performing real unadulterated 60Õs garage and euro beat!!! In 1995, Jens Lindberg came to visit the boys and on a starless night they recorded properly 2 tracks lost in oblivion and 10 tracks as a rehearsal the night before.

Time passed and the band started to have a following, some e.p.Õs published in and out of Greek border , and doing wild and fun gigs was the permanent winter agenda for the cold north Greek nights. Sometimes mistaken for undertakers while carrying the farfisa, sometimes frustrated by people mocking at them, but always in a party, party party mood. It was May, 1999, and ? And the Mysterians chose the band to open for them, performing in front of a stunned crowd who could not stop dancing. Later on the same thing happened with the notorious Fuzztones.

During 2000, after finishing with all the military obligations bull, they came back full force, devoting themselves to the band. They participated in GagarinÕs 205 battle of the bands showing Athenian crowd what ThessalonicaÕs garage is all about, and their 10Ó on Misty Lane Records was reviewed various times in magazines , zines, played in radio stations and television and all that crappy things that were of no interest! A superb gig was in order supporting the Fuzztones and Mark Lindsay during the Psychorama Festival, and the boys presented the L.P. to be recorded to their loyal fans and new friends.

An invitation to ItalyÕs Festival Beat rushed the boys over Adriatic Sea where they performed their music together with bands such as Los Banditos, Sick Rose, Curlee Wurlee establishing their sound abroad. In 2003, the boys went in the studio to record their first 12Ó of sonic pleasure! ÓA Long Play With the Frantic VÓ was what came out on ÒON STAGE RECORDSÓ and is being reprinted even as you go across these lines.Next year, an invasion in Germany was in the agenda and it happened in late October, late enough for the boys to miss Oktoberfest, but just in time for Germans to enjoy some frantic tracks in full volume, screams, farfisa and fuzz! Fond memories É

For the time being, the boys record their second long player, again for ÒON STAGE RECORDSÓ for you to dig. As for future plans, who knows? The frantic gang might invade your town any moment now, so beware!

My Nothing


Blues so Bad nascono a Lucca otto anni or sono dall' incontro di tre musicisti con comune passione per l'Hard Blues di stampo psichedelico ed in particolare per l'opera di interpretazione che si è svolta su di esso alla fine degli anni sessanta-inizio settanta da numerosi artisti che sono stati elevati dai nostri a punti di riferimento e che ne costituiscono la base per la scaletta musicale dei loro concerti.

Stefano "Stevie Bee" Biagioni (chitarra e voce), Fabio Buda (basso), ed Alessio"Granpa"Tambellini (batteria), si esibiscono con l'attuale formazione da sei anni, dopo altrettanti anni di precedenti militanze in altri gruppi. La Band è in grado di esibirsi con un vasto repertorio, tanto da poterlo variare sensibilmente di sera in sera, a secondo delle esigenze del locale, del pubblico e dell'umore dei Nostri, spaziando tra covers di brani energici e ballabili e tappeti sonori semiacustici atti all'improvvisazione psichedelica.

Tra gli artisti scelti fanno presenza: Rory Gallagher, Cream, Jimi Hendrix, Jethro tull, Love, Electic Prunes, Steppenwolf, Killing Floor, Sonics,ecc. e con l' inserimento dei pezzi di propria composizione. Il trio svolge la propria abituale attività concertistica in numerosi Pubs e locali della Liguria, Lombardia, Piemonte, Emilia, Umbria e naturalmente della Toscana tra i quali ricordiamo: Mississippi, Cencio's, Exaffa, Jux' up, Flannery's, Borderline, Central Park, ecc. più i numerosi raduni Biker ai quali hanno partecipato.

Nel 1996 il Gruppo ha supportato il famoso armonicista americano Lazy Lester nell'ambito della manifestazione del Pistoia Blues: "The Blues Explosion". Nel 1997 vengono notati durante un concerto dal responsabile di una delle radio culto di Torino :"Radio 2000 Blackout" e fatti oggetto nella città piemontese di uno special-intervista della durata di due ore durante le quali la Band ha potuto pubblicizzare i suoi brani: "Leave in Cork", "Maya", "Shoemaker's Monday" e l'omonimo "Blues So Bad".

Nel Luglio del 1998, i Blues So Bad partecipano ad uno dei più importanti concorsi per gruppi emergenti: la settima edizione di "ON THE ROCK". Si classificano al primo posto assoluto sui venti gruppi ammessi dalle selezioni, ricevendo anche il primo premio della critica per la migliore composizione inedita con il brano "Shoemaker's Monday". La vittoria al concorso gli vale anche un invito ad esibirsi in Germania a Losheim e vengono contattati per fare da supporto nei concerti di "Amnesty International".

Nel 1999 arrivano terzi ad "ON THE ROCK", confermando il plauso della critica. Nella stessa stagione sono ospiti d'onore a "MUSIC MATCH LIVE". Nel mese di novembre sono onorati di far parte della programmazione del "Borderline" tra gli YARDBIRDS ed ELLIOT MURPHY! Prosegue frenetica l'attività Live per tutto il 2000 con un concerto collaterale il sabato al "PISTOIA BLUES" in Luglio.

Alla fine del 2000 pubblicano un CD "LIVE AT BORDERLINE" autoprodotto. Nel 2001 continua per tutto l'anno l'attività live. Nell'Aprile del 2002 sono impegnati all'ALPHA EARTHBASE di Firenze nella registrazione di nuovi brani. A Maggio esce l'EP di 5 pezzi: "Motor City is Burning". A Giugno si esibiscono in Slovenia. A Settembre un mini CD di 5 brani: "For Your Pleasure". Ad Ottobre promuovono i loro pezzi all'ACE CAFE' di LONDRA, storico locale di bikers.

Lovely Lady Deb O'Nair


"Deb 0ÂNair is a perfect name for a song, I was quite young when I first saw the Fuzztones, I loved them, I loved Deb 0ÂNair. It was like everthing seemed to fit when it happened when I made that song."

- Christian Alexander Koch


Nikki Sudden was born in London on July 19, 1956. He began playing guitar after hearing T.Rex near the end of 1971. Together with his brother, Epic Soundtracks, he formed what was to become Swell Maps. The Maps released 4 singles and 2 albums between 1977 and their break up in 1980. All of these releases hit the top slot in the Independent Charts.

Following the demise of the Maps, Sudden began his solo career. He made two albums -Waiting On Egypt and The Bible Belt- before joining up with Birmingham guitarist, Dave Kusworth. The pair formed the Jacobites in 1983, going on to make two albums, Jacobites and Robespierreâs Velvet Basement, the latter reaching No. 1 in the German Independent Charts. This tied in with their first German tour, and a semi-impermanent move to the country for Sudden.

When the Jacobites broke up in early 1986, Sudden returned to his solo career by signing to Creation Records. The company released five of his albums over the next five years: âTexasâ, Dead Men Tell No Tales, Kiss You Kidnapped Charabanc (with Rowland S. Howard), Groove and a compilation, Back To The Coast.
1990 found Nikki Sudden traveling round the World. He eventually ended up in Athens, Georgia, where Peter Buck, Mike Mills, and Bill Berry from R.E.M. coerced him into the studio. Together, they ended up making the album, The Jewel Thief- later reissued as Liquor, Guns & Ammo.

1993 saw Kusworth and Sudden reuniting the Jacobites, with a new backing group. Over the following years, they released three albums, Howling Good Times, Old Scarlett and God Save Us Poor Sinners. In addition, their two original albums were reissued, as was a further compilation of rare tracks, Hawks Get Religion. The band also released a limited edition, vinyl-only album, Kiss Of Life, in Germany, and a Spanish CD, Heart Of Hearts.

Late in 1995, Sudden once again found himself in America and ended up in a Chicago studio with members of the Chamber Strings and The Rosehips. This led to him beginning work on his seventh solo release. The album featured musicians from The Jet Boys, The True Spirit, The Fatal Shore, Band Of Outsiders, Once Upon A Time, Vermooste Vløten, The Flaming Stars, Sonic Youth, Voodoo Witch, and the Jacobites.

Following on from the release of Seven Lives Later, Sudden continued touring and recording with the Jacobites. Before the album was even released, he had gone in the studio with Hamburg band, DM Bob & The Deficits. Together they recorded an as-yet unreleased album in just 9Â hours. He also toured with Freddy Lynxx and Jeff Dahl on the Lost Acoustic Tour. During early 1998 he went in a Berlin studio with Phil Shöenfelt, Carl Eugene Picôt (ex-Jacobites), and Berlin drummer, Robby Schmidt, to record another so-far unreleased album, entitled Golden Vanity.

In March, 1998, Sudden flew to Chicago to record what has turned out as one of his best albums thus far. This project, which was recorded with various members of the Chamber Strings and other assorted luminaries from the Chicago music scene, was released in early 1999 under the title Red Brocade. Amongst others, the album features Wilcoâs Jeff Tweedy, who sings a duet with Sudden on the song, Farewell, My Darling. The album was re-mixed during November 1998 in Woodbine St Studio, Leamington Spa, England.

Nikki Sudden is currently based in Berlin where he is working on a book about Ronnie Wood. He is also 95% of the way to completing a book of his lyrics. âItâll be finished as soon as I stop writing new songs!â He also contributes to various magazines including MOJO, Superstar, Itâs Only Rockân Roll, Rockmusic.Ru and Bucketful Of Brains.

Nikki Suddenâs last album was a retrospective, The Last Bandit (The Best Of Nikki Sudden). The set, released by Glitterhouse Records in Europe, Wagging Dog Records in England, and Bomp Records in America, featured remastered and edited versions of some of Nikki's best / most popular solo work.

Sudden has spent a lot of time over the past years remastering and annotating his 1980âs LPs for a re-release programme by Secretly Canadian Records of Bloomington, Indiana. The reissue campaign has, to date, featured 12 albums. The two Swell Maps LPs will follow in summer 2004.

Sudden has been touring with his band, The Last Bandits (bassist John Barry, and drummer Stephane Doucerain) for several years. Nikki, with the Last Bandits, recorded his ninth solo release, Treasure Island, in England during July / August, 2002. Special guests include Ian McLagan (Small Faces, Faces), Mick Taylor (Rolling Stones), Anthony Thistlethwaite (Waterboys), Dave Kusworth (Jacobites) and Darrell Bath (Dogs DâAmour / Crybabys). Treasure Island will be released in spring 2004.

Other current projects include the soundtrack for the new Mika Kaurismäki film, Honey Baby - which features nine tracks (some old, some new) written by Sudden. Honey Baby will be released by summer of 2004. Nikki also appears in the forthcoming German film, Executive Director Wim Wenders' Egoshooter, where he plays himself.

Nikki and the band continue touring, playing around 100 shows per year-half with The Last Bandits, and half solo.

All The King's Horses


The best way to describe the Deadbillys would have to be by mixing Johnny Cash, The Misfits, Merle Haggard, The Cramps. Then after that you get the 3 piece from Santa Barbara California. Members Bobby Dickson on Guitar and Vocals, his wife Heather Dickson on Washtub Bass and Vocals, Alfred Smith on Upright Drums make up the trio. If you want a band thats going to give you a hoedown or a slampit, then THE DEADBILLYS are your band.

Third Times's The Charm


The Deletones continue the garagedelic rollercoaster ride set in motion by the band members' previous groups, the Weirdtones and Ulamatik. With a bag of new tricks in their music and some new blood in their lineup, the Deletones are ready to capture the hearts and shake the butts of the listening and dancing audiences alike. "Third Time's the Charm" is the very first studio recording by the Deletones, and hopefully there's many more to come!

Recorded at Sonicimage Studios, Kouvola, Finland 18.4.2004. Mixed by Tor Endwise.

Leave Your Mind At Home


From 1994 onwards the Weirdtones brightened up the Finnish music scene with their melodic, organ-driven garagerock. The band released three seven-inchers and a couple of weirdtunes ended up on compilations. In 1998 they called it quits, but the majority of the band members carried on under the new name of Ulamatik.

"Leave Your Mind at Home", which borrows its title from the Fuzztones' legendary live album, was recorded in the Weirdtones' first studio session in 1994, and later on it was included on their first proper release, a four-song vinyl-EP "Supersounds" in 1995 our their own Beeftone Records label.

Recorded at Jeff Sound Studios, Anjalankoski, Finland 15.4.1994. Mixed by Jeff Forsman.

Romilar D


Straight out of 1966, the Crookshanks play garage rock in the original 1960's style. Fuzzed out guitars, pounding, fat bass, primal drums and high-energy vocals combine to send you into a whirling vortex, a time machine that runs non-stop to the original psychedelic era. The Crookshanks have appearred on the Chi-Ca-Go-Go TV show and songs from their CD "Monsters From the Garage" are regularly played on WCEV, 1450AM. (AM radio, just like the 60's, baby!) Their song, Neanderthal, was featured on a recent Rocktober Magazine compilation CD. The Crookshanks had the honor of backing Rudi Protrudi for three incredible live shows in Chicago in 2002 and 2004. The Crookshanks are: Mark Lane-Guitar & Vocals, Dan Wile-Drums and Vocals, Mark Furlong-Bass

"I'll never forget hearing LYSERGIC EMANATIONS for the first time. A bass player I was working with brought it in to rehearsal, spun it and I automatically assumed it was some fabulous, obscure 60's garage psych band that I'd somehow missed out on. Upon discovering its being a current release I was even more intrigued that an 80's act could be so brutally legitimate in their delivery and overall production. It inspired me to not only form the Crookshanks but to do my best to somehow meet and work with Rudi Protrudi. Rudi and I are longtime friends by now and we've worked together numerous times in Chicago. Back in 2001 he offered me the standby slot for a European tour as it looked like Phil Arriagada wouldn't be available. Phil ended up doing the tour anyway but the 17 days that I lived and rehearsed with Rudi were like going back to school. Quite an inspiring guy and a real storehouse of knowledge to be sure. As The Crookshanks are the only band out of Chicago to even be considered by Rudi for backing assistance on solo appearances much less inclusion on this tribute CD, I couldn't be more flattered and pleased. It's the most satisfying compliment of my career. Thanks Buddy."

- Mark Lane 2005.

Shame On You


Garage Meltdown!!!! Freaky Tiki and things that go bump in the nite!!!!! A Go-Go Freakshow!!! If you could frankenstein members of The Ventures, The Fuzztones, The Sonics, and The Cramps, you would get The Ravens!!!!!Keeping the Fuzzzzzzzzz alive!!! The new generation of kooky punks/weirdos/and hipsters!!!! The Ravens were formed in 2001 by cosmic cats who had a thing for this sound called Fuzz! In keeping the Texas garage scene alive, they have now broadend their home base of big D TX to include other cities across the USA.

Ghost Clinic


Many attributes have been used to characterize Hank Rays indestructable voice and his ever unutterable singing style: deep, dark, sonorous, accusing, lamenting, but also tender, forgiving & (beware!) seducing...there's still always more than one way to skin a cat, and, better listen up, you cats, you can always count on one thing: Old Hank knows'em all. Imagine Iggy Pop & Johnny Cash bearing a boychild (though respect should leave this up to vague & abstract imaginations...) - here comes the fortunate son, the troubled one, the lonely one, yet: the blessed one. He can be the evil & mad Highpriest of the No.1 Church of fiery Rock'n'Roll, shoveling you sinners into a bonfire of voodoo rhythm & wicked noise; three minutes later he can go for a quick change into the wet-eyed, sad-loving alleycat, and it'll only take three more minutes to see him innocently smiling under a stetson hat, a guitar on his knees and serenading the coffeepot on the campfire... After the RAYMENs first demise, that same 80s Garagepunkrockabillykid, submerged in the whirlwinds of business misdecisions & the decline of cool in certain musical styles, was ready to re-emerge in the mid 90s as a grown man, and a self-conscious artist knowing the best was yet to come. Not yet fit for the elder statesman's seat (we'll save that up for 2022...), but well dressed in a jet black suit in the move from leather jeans. Hank's first Solo-Album "MAINSTREAM DEATH COUNTRY" ...though it actually IS the Raymen's 5th unofficial Studio-LP, due to, guess what, record company bull... caused more than one raised eyebrow when released in 1995, and saw Hank playing acoustic shows all over, crowned by the Hank Williams-Tribute Shows in 1997...'Following released "DEATH LETTER REQUIEM"-EP as well as instrumental contributions to the "Spaghetti Western Compilation", accompanied by his new fellow travellers, the Executioneers. Though the newly-found Raymen take another round on their fierce Rock'n'Roll-Ghostride, Hank has continued playing acoustic shows, just accompanied by his black acoustic guitar that never really seems to be in tune ...and Hank will be shrugging his shoulders, taking a nip of beer, a mouthful of teeth grinning: "Shit happens..." and inevitably change from a highly melodic Sons Of The Pioneers-Tune to the primevil one-chord wonders of an Alan Vega cover. Having not been Millenium-crashed, in 2000 Hank released his current second solo-platter "COUNTRICIDE", demonstrating not only his very own definition of production, but featuring some of his most brilliant moments in singing and writing yet. Intimacy, growling through a storm of feedback, ready to face the third decade of an uncompromising underground-career. Still, there's more to come. We all know, that good girls go to heaven whilst the bad ones go everywhere. Ho-Key, for girls,but which way will our subject choose? Time will tell...

Look For The Question Mark


"I've been a big fan of Strange Flowers ever since I first heard them, live, at the Beat-O-Mania Festival in Munich, Germany, in 1994. On a bill that featured bands specializing in 60's garage punk, Strange Flowers stood out like a green thumb. Their gentle, melodic psychedelia was almost transcendental. They broke up soon after, so I was a little surprised to discover that they've recently reunited. Strange Flowers indeed. What could be stranger than an Italian band (from the Rock 'n' Roll capital of the world, Pisa, no less) reforming once again to bestow their unique brand of psychedelia on a generation so far removed from true music as to render it practically obsolete? Obviously Strange Flowers have no delusions of grandeur. And I'm damn glad, because music this good deserves more than a quick rise to the top, only to be later discarded like any other trend. Music this good is timeless. Escape into it now. You may just stay there!

- Rudi Protrudi 2005

Fabian Lips


"You real fuzz enthusiasts out there might recognize this classic from the Tina Peel days. "Fabian Lips" dates back to the early days from The Fuzztones original breeding grounds, Harrisburg, PA. Who better to honor this tune than Capitol City's very own monster rockers....Aliens & Strangers?!"

In Heat

Jaime Escdero - Vocals
Antonio Lomas - Bateria
Honorio J. Medina - Guitarra, Vocals
Jose F. Pineda - Bajo, Guitara, Vocals

Yeah, Babe


From the caves of the cosmopolitan Buenos Aires (Argentinaâs capital, the most austral country in South America) THE HATES emerges with its sudden attack of Rhythm & Soul Garage, which reflects the most evil and most corrupt aspects of the big cities of this new century, where hate is always present and pollution corrodes everything & everyone, for these and more reasons, THE HATES have descended to R&R chaos, not to free souls but to show them the exact short cut to the frustrating reality of this globalized world. This hate bomb is ready to blow your head off, leaving germs in the air that will infect your nervous system, turning you into an addict to the bad vibrations that their instruments (lovers of direct and cavemen riffs) expel. What these four experienced street punks have planned is showing off everything they learned in the arid and stale Punk and Roll highway with an overdose of sounds of the sixties.

THE HATES cast is: Elio Martinez, vox, Marcelo Di Gregorio, bass, Alfredo Felitte, drums and Gabriel Destefano, guitar. All of them come from the ashes of a handful of bands: Garage Punk, Maximum Rhythm & Blues, Stoner Rock and Strip Rock, decided to continue the legacy that British Rhythm & Blues, Soul, Freak Beat and Garage Punk groups left (circa 63-69). If this dataâs not enough in order to turn you into a frantic devote of THE HATES, youâd better start catching bullets with your teeth. Ok!



The Goblin's style mixes energetic, raw guitar punk with melodies and attitude. They played their first gig at local disco "Bar 54" in 9th of January 1993. Recorded some songs in January 1993, and in April they released the 4 song-ep, 'Under the Possessed Sky'. Released cover-ep, 'Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!', in 1993. Their first 7 track mini cd was released in june of '94. Later recorded 4 new songs for their first mini-cd, followed soon after by their second CD-release,'Two Sides of The Story;' recorded late summer 1994. Their last session, from 2002, has been released as an EP, titled 'Seventh Heaven-EP.' The Goblins plan to celebrate their 10-year career this year, while continuing to play southern Finland.

Nine Months Later


Originaly started as a tribute band of The Cult, Sonic Temple started writing their own songs and created a sound that's between The Stooges/The Cult/The Cure, and of course, the Fuzztones. On an added note, guitarist Joeri and drummer Sylvie have produced their own illegitimate spawn, son "Ward" (named after "Ward 81") and daughter,
"Charlotte" (after "Charlotte's Remains"). Nine Months Later indeed!

Blood From A Stone


Formed on october 2000, Colditz' music is 70's hard rock in English with honor to traditions. Band has been played gigs in cities of Helsinki, Hyrylä, Hyvinkää, Järvenpää, Rajamäki, Riihimäki and Vihti. Feedback of audience has been extremely positive. Every member of Colditz has experience of over 20 years, so playing in gigs is very familiar. With new demo (done in september 2001) Colditz tries to reach gig promoters as well as record companies better. Former demo received praise on famous Finnish rock-magazine called Soundi. Band was noticed as experimental and characteristic. Now band has just sharpen its grip and playing has been polished by hard training. On gigs band plays covers from bands such as Kiss, Thin Lizzy and Black Sabbath. Anyway, Colditz is first of all a band of stages and offers an energetic and fresh rock experience !

Hurt On Hold


Lysergic Love were born in 1999 from the meeting of Cisvo (lead vocal and guitar) Lenny (bass) Bandit (drums) Samu (guitar) after they decided to from a strongly sixties and seventy sound with a garage rock influence. The demo tribute to Fuzztones is by Cisvo to Rudi Protrudi because in 1988 Rudi was the one who encouraged Cisvo play guitar and bass they soon started to practise on original material and they keep on playing rock'n'roll style!

It was actually Lysergic Love, and Cisvo's other band, Sexy Drive, that were responsible for the idea of compiling this tribute, as they were the first to give Rudi recordings of their interpretations of Fuzztones songs.

Black Out


After witnessing a Blue Cheer show at the Whisky A Go-Go in L.A. on December 5, 1968, two young dutch ex-patriots, Thomas Van Slooten and Arthur Van Berkel met , along with Portugese draft dodger Guy Tavares, and decided to form Orange Sunshine, in obvious homage to their heroes. They began rehearsing in Hollywood, and in 1969 recorded their first album, "Homo Erectus,' at Amigo Studios, with Blue Cheer's engineer, Abe "Voco" Kesh, at the dials. A short tour of California and Arizona followed, only to have the tour manager escape with the money, leaving the three musicians broke and desperate, prompting a hasty retreat to Holland's former Beat capital and now heroin headquarters, The Hague, where at least one member succumbed:Tavares was soon on his way back to Portugal to fight in the war in Mozambique, accompanied by the monkey on his back. Van Berkel was forcibly committed to the Rozenburg mental institution by his family, where he was given electroshock therapy daily. Van Slooten turned up in Djibouti, running a controversial but profitable business selling lubricants to hot-blooded soldiers from the foreigh legion. 29 years later, the detoxed trio - as if driven by an unseen force - met again. Destiny seemed to indicate that their raw-as-hell proto hardrock once again perforate unsuspecting eardrums. The Lord works in mysterious ways!

"our former bass player thomas (a real asshole) used to do the fuzztones support in arnhem (netherlands) somewhere in '91 with his former band, the splatterheads. Before the show they entered the backstage and discovered the whiskey that was on your rider. they started drinking it and halfway they were stopped by the angry stage manager telling them it wasn't their whiskey, but the fuzztones'. oops! well, thomas filled up the bottles again with his own whiskey-drenched urine. the refilled bottles went on stage, as requested on the rider, and at the start of the show every fuzztones' bandmember enthousiasticly gulped away the whiskey, without noticing a slight difference in taste, the show was very good though....

don't worry, we will never piss in bottles anymore!"

- guy

Fuzztomano Piedricolas


Manganzoides was formed in Lima, Peru in 1996 and the five monsters in the band (Rafo: vocals, Gonzaleo: guitar, Diego: keyboards, Ali: bass, and Tito: drums) have been making wild garage punk with psych and surf influences since then. Among the band's biggest influences have been the original 60s garage punk bands from around the world and Peru, the Stooges, and, of course, the Fuzztones. The band has released two CDs internationally ("Sobredosis de Horror" and "Radio Komodo", on No Fun Rcds), with the material consisting of originals and some covers, all sung in Spanish -except for some instros. In addition to taking part in several international comps, the band is planning to record the material for their third international CD Peru by the end of this year. BTW, this self-panned anthem means "We Need The Fuzztones!"