This lineup of The Fuzztones had perhaps the largest repetoire of any of the lineups.   When the band played two nights in Tel Aviv Israel, Rudi told the press the band would play completely different sets each night.
Set Lists For Tel Aviv Israel, April 1992
Roxxanne Club
April 5, 1992

Jack The Ripper
In Heat
Blues Theme
Bad News Travels Fast
Nine Months Later
Look For The Question Mark
The People In Me
Third Time's The Charm
Charlotte's Remains
Ward 81
Gotta Get Some
Journey To Tyme


Romilar D
7 And 7 Is
The Witch
Action Speaks Louder Than Words
The Wolfman
Psychotic Reaction

April 7, 1992

All Black And Hairy
I Never Knew
Hurt On Hold
Voices Green And Purple
99th Floor
The Shapes Of Things To Come
All The King's Horses
You Ain't No Friend Of Mine
You Burn Me Up And Down
Brand New Man
Just Once
She's Wicked
Love At Psychadelic Velocity
Epitaph For A Head


Me Tarzan, You Jane
Have Love, Will Travel
Boss Hoss

2nd Encore

Ward 81
Psychotic Reaction
Mike Czekaj in the Holy City in Jerusalem.
Rudi Protrudi at the Wailing Wall, Jerusalem.
When the band entered the Holy City, they were instructed to cover their tatoos while in the city walls.

It's a small world:
     "Years after the Fuzztones had broken up (1997 to be exact), after I'd moved to Chicago and was playing in another band ... Paul, A friend of mine was passing through town playing keyboards in a band, so naturally I went to see him play.  After the show, we hung out for a while and I invited Paul to stay over at my place.  He took me up on the offer, and just before we left the club, one of the other guys in the band very shyly came up and asked if he could come too.  His name was Oran, and he was eager to stay anywhere other than a hotel.  So I said, 'Yeah, of course.' 
     "We stayed up all night drinking, playing music and telling stories.  I had a great apartment by the lake in downtown Chicago on the 51st floor, and we watched the sun come up over the city.  It was later that morning when Oran looked through one of my photo albums and said,  'Hey, I know you!  I've met you before!'
     "He was looking at photos of The Fuzztones.  'You were in The Fuzztones?  You played in Tel Aviv, and I was there.  I fixed your guitar! '
     "He was absolutely right.  Back in 1992, about two minutes before we were to take the stage for one of the Tel Aviv shows , I noticed a problem with the jack on my guitar.  There was no time for me to fix it, and a guitar player from the opening band, Oran Kaplan, volunteered to fix the instrument while I played another guitar onstage.  He really came through, and when I thanked him that night, I had no idea I'd ever see him again, let alone halfway around the world, years later, in my apartment!"  - Philip Arriagada