VOX Phantom Guitar

Rudi first approached Chris Harlock when he spotted him in a nightclub, sporting the Fuzztones insignia on his jacket. As it turned out, Chris played bass for the Tommyknockers (along with future Fuzztone drummer Roger Ward). Chris soon joined LINK PROTRUDI & THE JAYMEN, which at the time included Chris Crass of the Muffs. In an effort to reform the Fuzztones, Rudi and Chris attained former Red Kross drummer Roy McDonald, who would go on to the Muffs upon "Mad" Mike's return to the Fuzztones.


Braindrops LP
Romilar D EP
Monster A Go-Go LP
Lysergic Ejaculations Live LP


Slow Grind Tours Europe 1991 (Oct-Dec)
Europe 1992 (Feb-March)
Italy/Israel 1992